UBS Warburg
(project management)
The agency
activ8 of London, contracted the services of JUMPNYC to manage the development of this international three-tiered multimedia deliverable.

eate a compelling and highly interactive multimedia experience for new employees of UBS, UBS Warburg and UBS Private Banking.

1. Original 17 minute video containing on-location footage of Luqman Arnold, Marcus Granziol, and Georges Gagnebin (the heads of UBS, UBS Warburg, and UBS Private Banking, respectfully) in London and Zurich interspersed with 'Day in the life' segments featuring some of the diverse and talented employees of all three divisions in NY and London, shot in a documentary style by Emmy award winning film maker Brent Nemetz

2. Multimedia flash presentation: 40+ minutes of individually designed animated sequences with text, photos, synchronised voice-overs, and music - developed to augment core messages, written by the UBS internal corporate communications team, and to enhance delivery of the induction programme. Animated avatar technology produced by oddcast.

3. Comprehensive Intranet that links to all required information delivered during the induction for review by employees and self induction by new hires, who may be unable to attend the induction program.