Company Profile
JUMPNYC opened its doors in 1997, with the aim of providing web site development to small and mid-sized companies. Since that time, we have worked on a variety web and multimedia projects for law firms, entertainment companies, and industrial firms, and have collaborated with a number of innovative service providers to deliver web solutions for large global clients, including IBM and UBS Warburg.

During this time, one thing became perfectly clear--a majority of individuals and firms providing web design and development services often did not understand the business issues or market forces driving their clients to the web. This realization drives our business philosophy: Understand the business, Understand the client, and provide superior client service at all times

Our unique combination of traditional business experience and web and multimedia expertise enables us to effectively work as part of your marketing, technology, and management teams. We'll help you deliver and support web and multimedia solutions that are strongly aligned with your business goals.